I remember dreaming a lot, but I was awakened abruptly and forgot most of the night.

I remember the last dream involved Charlie* trying to give me a message and he called it an experiment. This happened on a beach. Somewhere in this, there was something to do with the “thickness” of a dream. If that made any sense.

I woke up to a bang (maybe?) around 6:31 a.m. and the sound of trees cracking/splitting. It was in threes, so I assumed it was a hypnogogic hallucination and rolled over. The noise repeated – again in three. I waited and questioned if I were dreaming and I was sure I wasn’t. The noise repeated near my closed bedroom door. I did what I tend to do when I think someone is breaking in – I said, “Hello??” and thought, what would an intruder have that would make that noise and so loudly. I turned on the light to see if there were cracks in my ceiling and there were no new ones. Plus, I would think the house falling apart would sound different due to screws, drywall, and insulation, etc. The noise played once more, near the vent that goes up to my neighbor’s apartment. I can’t hear them very well even when they are loud, so this sound had to be CRAZY loud in their apartment. I didn’t hear it after that. I thought it could be swarms of bugs in the vent and tested it. I don’t think that was it because it would have been a hollower sound. I couldn’t pinpoint any tree nearby that would have made the sound and there was no “thud” impact like I was expecting. Videos of trees also showed gun shot like popping noises. Outside of what woke me originally, I didn’t hear that.

I only posted about the tree breaking noise because I have no way of proving it wasn’t a hallucination. My hypnogogic hallucinations have been detailed and accurate before, so I don’t know what to think.

* Name was changed

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