Religion and School

Religion (Part 1)

My Facebook post sums it up:

“One of my dreams last night was about a friend betting I couldn’t create a religion and convince people to follow it. I created a nice, peaceful one using archetypes found among world religions and basic psychology. I posted it online and random people started following and teaching it. Then, my friend bet me I couldn’t convince the followers I made it up or even disprove the existence of the fake “god.” My friend won that bet. I have such weird dreams.”

Religion (Part 2)

I remember organizing a college organization that was going to be about discussing different religious beliefs. It was supposed to be open and free and interesting and include MANY faiths, but some lady ended up making it a southern baptist group and anything non-southern baptist was prohibited.

I was mad and spoke with a classmate about how this wasn’t the plan and we have to find a way to go back to the many faiths idea. Scott* from high school was there and I mentioned he’d help because he wasn’t religious and was somewhat insensitive. He wouldn’t be against trying to make it a many-faiths thing.

I can’t remember the rest of this dream.

* Name was changed


I remember being in masters classes and making some kind of mechanical thing with electrical charges and lights. I was able to make it look good and made it work the first time. I was the only one in the class who didn’t have trouble building it.

However, I flunked the assignment. The teacher was filling in for the original teacher and didn’t understand the building process. She was an English teacher with a Ph.D. and thought publishing articles in a scholarly journal was the highest achievement in life. I suck at writing essays and hate lit reviews and reading research about something that doesn’t lead directly to something practical. I wrote my paper similar to a news article and the teacher said I failed because I kept getting zeros on her rubric. One of the criteria was not to use certain words on a list I was never provided (the other students had the list from an English class they had last semester with her). I was given a chance to redo the assignment, but I was mad about it.

I even rebuilt the device – it had metal rods and I had to wind copper wire around the rods.

Part way through this, I remember talking to someone in a garage or maybe a hallway(?) and a family member quit her job and got a job at the family bakery. I remember realizing I was on vacation and haven’t checked the assignments for three classes. I tried to get my email on a smartphone designed similar to an old GameBoy – even with the dot matrix screen. Some virus got in it and I thought, “I’ll take care of it later.” However, it kept putting Russian porn model photos on the screen. This was while I was telling someone I couldn’t believe I didn’t keep up with my assignments and he said, “It’s not illegal [to miss assignments].” I said, “I sometimes rather do something illegal than stress about getting these assignments done.”

I wondered why I took on a full class load AND still worked 40 hours a week. I thought about quitting and working at the bakery, which would be less stress. The owner was my father-in-law (I’m not married in waking life). I decided against it because I knew it wouldn’t pay enough.


I remember a scene where I was looking through an old book. The bottom of the pages were falling apart and reminded me of dead leaves.

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