Semper Fi, Bad Investments, Saving Money, Neglected Cat, Holes, and Broken Toolbox

Semper Fi

I dreamed that I decided to join the Marines – for the fitness and skills. I remember knowing it would be beyond exhausting and painful, but would have awesome results. (I need this kind of motivation to work out in waking life. lol) Charlie*, who was in the Marines previously in the dream, was worried because we both agreed the country was gearing up for war and it would be one of the worst times for me to join if I wanted to avoid a major war.

I was first put in a small group in a room. I think everyone was female, which confused me since I expected a mix of guys and girls or mostly guys. Luckily, they were all pretty awesome people and we all got along, at least partially. The entire time (about a full day), I assumed we were being tested to see how we handled stress. I saw the others as both allies and competitors because social ranking was still up for grabs and gaining a leader position would hopefully make my life easier.

One scene happened after we went to sleep. Someone opened our door and a bird flew in. The bird had blue in it and I later argued with someone whether it was a blue jay or a magpie because they said we were on the West Coast. It flew in the room waking people out of deep sleep and landed on a person’s head. I got up, half asleep, grabbed a broom while telling everyone, “That’s a death omen, by the way” and kindly shooed it back out of the door, through a lighted room, and outside. I think a couple of guys out there were about to kill it, but I shut the door and went back before seeing it killed. I remember later doing something similar with another animal and I was questioned why I’d leave before the animals were killed. I explained that if a war was coming, I’d eventually see enough death and I didn’t need to see it when I had the ability to leave and no way to save the animals anyway. I remember putting the broom back – it was like the one I have in waking life with an angled brush and I remember getting grumpy/frustrated with trying to lean it against the wall to keep it from falling.

There was another scene where I went outside by another door and found a guy sleeping on a cot. He looked like Tom Cruise with stubble. When I woke up, I realized it was “The Teacher” from previous dreams.


Posts where the “The Teacher” appears:

* Name was changed

Bad Investments

I remember my dad telling me to invest money with some company right before they started showing signs of failing. I remember letting a chief executive drive me around talking about the company and drove me around their campus. I remember a brown building with windows that appeared black. I had already done the research and saw they were getting bought out, but by an equally risky company. I decided not to invest.

Saving Money

I remember stores were charging for plastic bags and then, to make a higher profit, told baggers to bag as few items per bag as possible. I told Sean and Kara to bring their own bags to save money. I also remember being at Target and finding some awesome small backpacks that came with a children’s book on sale and told them to come look at them. They were bright red and pink.

At this time, I woke up and couldn’t sleep for two hours.

Neglected Cat

I remember being in a house with a large kitchen (larger than waking life, but similar setup. A large three-part “pipe” (about 2.5 feet in diameter) attached to the ceiling spun around making a weird noise. It then split into the pieces and fell to the ground. One piece disappeared and I started to question if it was a dream. I remember thinking the word, “pipe” to describe the thing and looked up and the ceiling was missing and had nothing but exposed pipes and wires.

I saw old cat food on the floor and realized I hadn’t fed or seen the cat in days and started to freak out that it died. I started looking for it. I was SO happy that was a dream and there was no dead or neglected cat.


I remember looking for a restroom in some themed shop. It looked like the place was made out of logs. Eventually, someone told me the restroom was upstairs and I decided to go somewhere else.

I somehow ended up outside in a lawn chair talking to a character that was getting their hair cut by someone I went to high school with. I waited to see if the girl recognized me, but she didn’t. I remember first wearing a shirt that looked like that “Pirate Shirt” from Seinfeld and then a navy blue t-shirt with holes in my left sleeve. I didn’t want to wear the shirt because of the holes, but I found that it was the “style” of the shirt. Another girl came over to perform cosmetic surgery on the other character, but almost cut into my face. I pushed them away and said, “I don’t want surgery. She does!” The other girl had markings where she was going to be cut in the face, but it looked like mascara streaks. Later, I remember here having both blood and the black stuff dripping from her hand.

Broken Toolbox

I remember house-sitting for a friend. Someone came to the door and knocked. I said, “Who is it?” and then got mad at myself for saying something. They knocked again, so I thought they didn’t hear me. My friend is great with covering windows, so I felt safe that this person couldn’t see me.

I was wrong. One window’s curtains were open enough for the guy to look inside. He looked like a nice guy, but it was creepy. He went back to the front door and I realized I could see through the door near the ground. The guy said he was returning something that belonged to my friend. He put down a bright red toolbox thing. It fell apart. He awkwardly put it back together as if he was trying to hide the fact that it was broken.

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