Where Have You Been?

I drank a half a can of an energy drink and ate a ripe banana before going to bed. It took me a while to sleep, but when I did, my dreams were very vivid. The one I wrote down notes for was this:

I remember a house that was a hospital on one side and a normal house on the other. I’m not sure, but I think I started as a patient.

I remember picking up random brochures from a wall to read. One was very old and the graphic design included rounded rectangles with neon green (”dream green”) borders. One of the pages had a 1990s two-page fold out of TLC and it even had, “Oooooh, On the TLC Tiiiip!” in a weird 1990s font.

I remember sitting on a couch near a window as some other people and I watched a movie on a 36-inch TV. We kept feeling shaking and we thought it was a promo for Jurassic World because it was like those T-Rex steps and we even heard dinosaur noises. I moved back the curtain and outside, it was nighttime and raining hard. Across from the house, there was a cheesy theme park with dinosaurs (think Dinosaur World). The guy to my right kept getting annoyed by the sounds outside. I said me and some other guy had the same issue in another theater and this guy said the park shouldn’t have been built so close.

Knowing I was half-dreaming, I pictured a raptor from the movie slamming its head through the window and I tried to think what I’d do if that happened. Instead of that happening, I heard a shrill woman’s voice saying, “A corpse!” I looked over and the lady knocked into and tripped over a nurse pushing a cart. A stainless steel tray went flying. She got back up and went to the window and pointed screaming, “A corpse!!!”

People ran, but I can’t remember much until I went back to the rooms (that were now like my parents’ house (before the 2004 renovation). The light switch in the first bedroom didn’t work and I assumed it was a power outage. I tried the light in the second bedroom and it didn’t work and I didn’t understand why because the equipment at the far side of the room had lights on it (dream green, again).

I went looking for a flashlight and found a weird red pill-shaped one on the ground, but something in my hand prevented me from picking it up. I realized it was a telescoping magnet. In my dream, it had a flashlight on the end.

That’s when I noticed the house seemed empty. The old dining room appeared as it did during the renovation. I said, “Hello?”

I heard a loud AIM sound and went to the old living room. In the old brown chair we used to have, a guy pushed a laptop off of his lap and asked me, “Where have you been?

After that, I had multiple false awakenings where I looked at my cell phone clock out of habit (I keep track of my sleep cycle length) and I checked it at least five times between 3:30 and 3:34 a.m. I’m not sure which ones were real. Of course, the last one was because I wrote down notes about my dream.

For the rest of the night, I kept having similar false awakenings and lucid dreams and some had some dream about color coded cards related to the false awakenings. I kept waking up with a racing heart.

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