Tattoos, an Office Party, and More

I’ve had vivid dreams for over a week, just too lazy to write them down, but this one was randomly interesting to me.


I remember a scene where I discovered my arm near my wrist had tattoos. The scenario was that my friend Sean and I got drunk and he took me to a friend who did tattoos. I wasn’t THAT mad and thought it was a little funny because they were random and one was bad. The bad one had “princess castles” at the ends of an outlined word. I no longer remember the word, but the castles were upside down.

Later, I remember one of the tattoos were a detailed scene of a McDonald’s with a two-lane drive-thru and I commented on how the yellow lines go with the yellow lines of another tattoo. I said to one of the guys next to me (believing I had blacked out the tattooing process) that I would think I would have remembered the pain. He said to not trust that belief.

By now, I should have realized this was a dream since there is no way all of these scenes would fit on my wrist.

The dream ended with me sitting at a restaurant bar talking to some male friends. One was sharing a large barstool seat with handles with me. I remember scooting back hoping he didn’t mind. He put his hand on my head and started reciting some prayer from a sci-fi fantasy book.

Office Party

The scene before the party had a short scene of a restaurant lobby. I remember looking at photos of the same lobby from other times we (the group I was with) were there. The bulletin board near the door had autumn leaves during the times we went for Thanksgiving and snowflakes for the times around Christmas.

The actual office party was in a large room with fold-out picnic-style tables. I don’t remember what we were celebrating or what our organization was. There was a scene when the food was low and I passed over a bowl with a handful of cheez-its for a couple of chocolate chip cookies in a jar.

We were out of plates and someone had ripped up a remaining styrofoam plate for us to use pieces of. There were styrofoam “trays” and someone ripped a part of one for me. I said that I’d plan on using a whole tray and share it with a new friend.

In the end, I remember also having a tiny corn thing with sauce on it.

Other Scene

I don’t know what dream it was part of, but I remember walking through an area of a building that was being built. I wanted to explore but felt I didn’t have the time to do so. This was a weird one because I later found out that one of the characters was running through it, at least, a second time and said what other characters said at the same time.

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