Joke and Searching for Clues


I tried to start a lucid dream to have stuff to put into a dream story and I imagined my character asking Axel* to tell me a joke I would haven’t had heard so I could post it on Facebook to prove the shared dreaming (a part of the story).

Axel’s character changed into Charlie* dressed in full combat military gear getting annoyed at the task. He made a joke similar to this (I can’t remember the exact wording):

What sound does a terrorist not hear?

My brain is weird, I tell you.

* Names have been changed.

Searching for Clues

The last dream I remember was super vivid (the last ones always are). I remember searching an area – in Ukraine maybe? – with some other guy. He was older than me and seemed nice enough. We were dressed like soldiers (I even remember having fingerless gloves and wondered about leaving fingerprints), but we were more like journalists who gained access to an area before the military.

We even joked about how we should gather evidence for the investigators. The numbers in this dream correlated with my SSN so I have changed the numbers in this retelling. I remember someone narrating (maybe me) that the area we were in was bombed and so many “terrorists” fled in a way that paved roads that haven’t been seen in two decades are showing through. I moved the rest with my hand as if it were a scale model.

We entered a damaged building and looked around for information and “clues.” I remember seeing a binder with Ukrainian/Russian words which I interpreted as “Housing Prices in Ukraine 1968 to Present.” The guy wasn’t interested. I was because I was curious about how the war affected the housing prices. Plus, what a perfect place to hide info!

There was another binder that was labeled “SMOOTH” and I said I made that one, so we moved on. He opened a drawer and I said that I had kept a three diaries of drawings I wrote in every day (a lie). We found all three and he kept talking about page 4, but I told him to start where the ribbon bookmark was – more like page 23.

The drawings weren’t in my waking lifestyle. The drawings looked as if it told some kind of Christmas story and the guy said it was full of clues like “two doors” and “seven gifts.” One image had many gifts and I asked if he wanted to count to see if it was a multiple of seven.

Then, my alarm woke me up.

I love this idea of numbers and info being hidden this way! It’s like Inception’s safe idea. I might go back and see if this idea appears in other dreams.

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