This dream was inspired by the short film Jiminy.

In waking life, scientists were able to hook up wires/chip to a mouse and control its actions.

In my dream, a law was passed to where everyone had one of these chips put in their brain stem.

People could opt out – it’s America, after all – but were required to get them if they wanted to get a government-issued ID, driver’s license, passport, etc. and criminals were given them no matter what and homeless people had to get them for any assistance.

Most people opted in for “safety” reasons. Criminals could be programmed to drop weapons, made to not want to commit crimes, and depressed people could be programmed to not have suicidal thoughts or at least not physically be able to kill themselves.

It was also to help with addictions that lead to crimes.

So, one night, someone hacked the system and basically made everyone hooked into it kill themselves and others. They’d kill others out of fear because the program made them think their lives were in danger.

There was even a scene where a whole apartment complex were made to want to go swimming at the same time and never surface for air.

I played the main character and never understood why, but the chip I reluctantly received had little to no effect.

I spent the dream running and hiding from the crazy people finding those who weren’t affected either and helping them.

I woke up pissed because I don’t like nightmares, especially ones with a premise and no plot or solution.

Luckily, I fell back to sleep.

I remember a scene where I spoke to someone through a fence and was able to convince them that something was wrong. I told them to ignore their impulses and think things through – did they feel this way the day before? why did they feel this way now?

It made the person focus on metacognition and it seemed to turn off or lower the volume of the chip.

I found out that was why many of us weren’t affected – we were the type to question WHY we thought the way we do and made decisions more on logic instead of impulse.

The last thing I remember was a rising crane shot of a dark city street.

I was about to speak over a loud speaker to get people to think about their thoughts in an effort to turn off the chip.

Then, I woke up.

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