Scenes I remember:

Running with others in a field at sunset. I remember thinking how cool the trees looked against the light.

Some other girl and I stopped in the tall grass to complete some puzzle with stones with words like “World,” “Weird,” “Things,” etc. We failed to figure it out in time and had to choose an option to continue a story. This part reminded me of Until Dawn.

Later, I remember working in an office with an open design – for a newspaper, maybe? but in a college building?

I was coding a website for the organization. I got up for some reason and this coworker stole my chair and started using my computer. He had done this before in the dream and he told me to go home. I looked at the clock and it was a few minutes until 5 p.m.

I remember going to a part of the building and someone hit a switch and I heard “Turn off the lights! Turn off the lights!” I knew from before that it was the beginning of the school’s theater department that would do a “preview” of their upcoming seasonal show. “Turn off the lights” meant there was a part that used ultraviolet light.

I turned off the main lights and enjoyed a neat live preview of their musical.

Later, I remember looking out over a field/beach with a body of water far away. There were storm clouds and I remember thinking, “There’s always a storm coming.” The clouds grew, but out of nowhere, there was a large tsunami that filled the field/beach.

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