There were a lot of dreams all mixing together. Here’s what I remember:

I remember scenes involving maze-like “games.” One involved a scene in a multi-level hotel. There were muddy tire tracks on the white tile floor from some large vehicle. Someone said that at certain times, a group of guys with guns run around in a large Jeep/ATV-like vehicle and pick off the players. Part of the game was to outwit them.

There was another scene that involved an obstacle course and I remember having to jump into a body of water to get to another part.

There was a random scene where I had to watch some stuff at a fast food place that some family friends bought for the holidays. I had to miss work to do so and it was after 5 p.m. before someone said I could leave. During the dream, I remember drawing a fence with diagonal hashing. I tried to make it look 3D.

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