Time Travel Tear Down, Late for a Movie, and More

Time Travel Tear Down

There was a much longer story, but the first part I can remember begins where I was with a team and we had traveled to the past to tear down some area after the apocalypse. It was “tearing down” in a fast, not real way of removing a structure, but being able to delete/remove sections. Two of the guys tore down a large section quicker than I could follow them and I started to worry because I’d have to jump either a full 15-20 feet or try to jump to a higher area they still had up, but it was far from the scaffolding I was standing on. A girl in the group told me to look over as she moved a shorter scaffolding over. She pushed the one I was on so it tilted and I fell/jump onto the shorter one. The momentum made that one tip and I was able to safely jump to the ground. I thought it was clever and kind of her.

Another weird part was that the “ground” was in a river. I complained that the metal we were having to remove was ending up in what should have been fresh water, but was now contaminated with metal and eventually, rust. However, it was probably still cleaner than other sources of water at that time.

We went back to the future and I spent time looking for clues to whether we were in our “world” or another dimension. I remember thinking it was funny that I was using a term from Sliders. I found an upside down Ohio flag taped to the wall with masking tape. I found out that the states were no longer “united” and each state became sovereign. We thought we were in another world, but I suggested that it wasn’t another dimension, we just returned late due to time dilation. We chose a date and the travel seemed quick to us, but there was something we didn’t know to calculate with the technology that made what seemed like a half hour to us ended up being eight years and the state sovereignty came about on its own after the apocalypse.

Late for a Movie

I remember some movie being let out in a large building with a movie theater section. I thought my family and I were going to see a movie I wanted to see, but some other random guy said the movie was a Pixar movie – one I didn’t want to see. I was frustrated because I didn’t know if he was lying or if I screwed up on the plans.

I remember after people went in trying to read a sign with multiple faces near the front of the theater. The different theaters were called different things like “West Wing,” “East Wing,” etc. I looked over at the top of the door my family went in and it was the “Auditorium.” I looked back at the sign and stepped back and forth trying to read the sign. The words were blurry and the movies were shown as promotional images around 6 x 18 inches under the names of the rooms. I heard my dad behind me talk to a worker saying, “Oh, I’m just waiting for my daughter. I’m not sure what she’s doing.” This made me laugh because I pictured myself from someone else’s POV and I was literally stepping back and forth in front of a sign. I do remember one sign having Her as one of the movies and thought my parents and godfather would like that movie.

I was late for the movie, so to get my ticket, I had to go through some promotional animated cartoon thing that shamed me for being so late to the movie. It was a 3D immersive experience and first showed a “tutorial” for a game where a black human figure stood on a sidewalk path surrounded by a field of grass, a stone wall, and trees in the back. There was a large building to the right. A red ball with teeth (kinda like you would see at the beginning of an AMC movie) flew over to the person, turned, then ate the person shape. I thought, “Good to know there is that half-second while the ball monster turns to get away.”

I move to in front of the building – a hospital? There was a live-action teenager and an animated teenager looking at a screen to the right and an animated version of the first kid in between and behind them looking the opposite way. That one had a red motorcycle helmet that looked similar to the ball monster. I remember the live action guy doing a funny dance and then standing still, waiting for instructions. The middle one disappeared and turned into a red ball monster going for the live action kid. I told him to dance as if that was a way to avoid being eaten. He danced and the monster turned back into a teenager.

I went through the sliding doors of the building. My head was near the top of the doors and I realized the designer must have been tall and designed it to be from his POV.

This was all happening in a booth near the concession stand. My dad found me as he was on his way to the theater with food and a soda. I told him I’d catch up to them after I get my ticket and that I had to be shamed for being late by this game before I could get it.

Other Stuff

I remember waking up and trying to remember scenes and thinking, “I’ve been there before.” Now, I don’t remember where this was.

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