Sci-Fi Experience, Trying to Wake Up, and False Awakening Loop

Sci-Fi Experience

I seriously wish this dream comes true someday. It was awesome.

I found a sci-fi series that already had four seasons and still running that had a female protagonist and was set in the near future. The show dealt with the social and cultural aspects of artificial intelligence. The protagonist was a character that was good, but also had shady connections that required thwarting security.

The show was an “experience” where, if you viewed the episodes online, you could have an immersive experience using Google Cardboard and other apps to add to the story. The Google Cardboard/Oculus Rift parts dealt with seeing the environments the story took place in – one was as the protagonist in an alley and the “game” was pointing out areas that might have a security camera. Another part was playing a detective/law enforcement person and going through “police reports” and listening to interviews (using AI within the website) to fill in the backstory of the characters. While that’s going on, you can add security camera feeds that notify you of when motion is detected. Many are false alarms, but also some scenes that advance the plot and add to the backstory.

IT WAS SO AWESOME. I even dreamed I told my mom about it and tried to get her interested.

Part of that turned into a dream where I was in the protagonist’s character in a flashback. I remember being in her bedroom and that parts were visible from the stairwell in the three-story home.

Outside, in and alley, there was a structure with three garage doors. A friend who was a bit more gutsy with exploring and I got into it through a regular door. We found that there was a smaller garage with one large door within a “shell.” I switched to the gutsy character. As her, I found a side door and used a flashlight to look around inside despite the other character being worried. The space was empty except for a large cart/trailer thing with pieces of wood that were cut to be squiggly and painted orange. I thought they were part of a stage production. I also thought the location would be a good hidden location because no one would know that it wasn’t a three-car garage from the outside.

Trying to Wake Up

I remember going into a lab in a college where I worked and some professor came in with a student to have them make up an assignment. I remember being half-asleep (really it was because I WAS asleep) and tried to find a way to appear that I was actually being productive. I remember pulling up a map on my tablet and zooming in. There was also something about turning on more lights in the room.

Later, I was at a weekend conference at OU where I do work in waking life and someone visiting got the school mixed up with Ohio State. She had an OSU store/bookstore gift card and I told her if she didn’t use it online, she should still go up to Columbus because there are free things to see like the library and the museum (it’s free on Sunday) and parks.

False Awakening Loop

I remember trying to figure out if I was in a lucid dream by saying, “If I am dreaming, I can…” and made up things. They would come true for the most part, but some things were not exact.

I woke up in my car outside of some apartments at night. I opened the door and I was parked in a parking lot across from a river and a sidewalk. It was a comfortable temperature (maybe 60s?). Some southeast Asian girl to my left was wearing a coat and sat against my car as if she were waiting for someone. She looked at me like I was weird for sleeping in my car. I probably had the same face because she was leaning against a stranger’s car while they slept in it.

About one spot away, there was a guy sitting in the passenger side facing the river holding a camera or cell phone videoing the people walking by. His friend arrived exiting a pedestrian bridge, holding some guy, helping him walk. It was too dark to tell if the guy was drunk, beat up, or sick.

I remember looking at a great skyline that was partly covered by some trees on the right and considered staying at the apartment for another year because the view was good. I don’t remember what city it was, though. Outside of a general LeVeque Tower-looking building and the open spaces between the buildings (so not a LARGE city like NYC), nothing stood out that I could recognize.

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