Transferring Consciousness, Well-Trained Pilots, and Snow

Note: This comes after a 4-day vacation in Washington, D.C. and marathoning Twilight Zone on Netflix…

Transferring Consciousness

I remember being in an underwater “ship” and my job was to help dock our ship with other ships. The docking area was a glass hexagonal opening with glass around it. Something happened and a “crew” and I had to evacuate and run from some other group.

I remember random memories of grabbing red bags to escape before the pursuing group got there. There was also some random memory of being in ski gear and walking over snowy land.

The next part I remember is walking into a hotel-like area with the others in an Asian area. Since there were no windows and everything was connected, it could have been underground or part of some large ship, etc. I remember bowing as if I had gotten into the habit on a previous trip and I remembered thinking I could speak Japanese.

This was a red flag for me. I don’t know Japanese and neither did the character in the dream.

I walked through the area, which looked like it was modeled after Bangkok, but was Japanese, and the place I was walking through I think was something like a brothel. I thought the girls were there for one purpose. My character thought about how I’d style my hair to fit in and how cool the kimonos were. However, there was “background thoughts” that were male and less verbal than my own.

I remember later going into a room and realized what was happening. The “crew” was nearby. I willed the body’s hand to move and pound the bed as a said, “What happened? Where is MY body?”

I felt the guy’s whose body I was in get worried and afraid of this loss of control. One of the more leader-y crew members spoke to me saying they had no choice. To save me and lose my body, they transferred my consciousness into a crew member’s body to share until they had a chance to find another body.

This technology was invented to allow people to experience things from others’ point of views and return to their body. Usually, the second consciousness can just watch and is advised against moving the body. The fact that I did so scared the host. It also made me so connected to the body, that I felt the weight and pain the body felt because I couldn’t withdraw as easily to an observer role.

This showed up when the host was clearing the bed of roleplaying costumes for the other customers. The host wasn’t really into all that stuff. I remember one costume was heavy samurai armor. I was worried that the longer I was in this host, the more of his memories would get mixed with mine and I wondered how the mind would consolidate us into one consciousness.

Well-Trained Pilots

I remember being in a room with standard gray flat carpet. I was sitting in a chair and chatting with a friend to my right about something. He was the friend who trained me when I was going through CCW training in waking life a few years ago.

In the dream, he was a contractor or engineer or something in charge of updating the structure of some of the buildings. I asked him when a certain building was going to be updated and he said another building had to be updated first. It was something like a play on the Pentagon, like the “Dodecahedron” or something and we talked about the crazy naming of buildings. We joked about how they could be named after people like the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, you know, after famous people with at least three names.

A training activity began at the front of the class (a corner of the room). I had a pistol (it was given to me as part of whatever program/job I was in) sitting on the chair in front of me, covered up by a navy blue coat (also part of the program). I remember others standing and one girl saying, “That’s a real loaded gun!” I could kinda see someone pointed a gun at the head of some guy in a chair. I thought, “Duh, this training would not be as good if it weren’t.”

The task was to find out if the guy was lying about being an archer. An enlarged form was to their left, but my vision was blurry. I thought, “Gah. It’s so hard to see sometimes in dreams.” I had a similar form that I was supposed to fill out, but I got distracted talking to my friend. Since it was useless trying to look up his blown up form, I thought I’d use mine for clues as I filled it out.

The others asked questions to see if they could complete the task. I started filling out the part of the form for “education.” I started with Columbus State, frustrated that I wrote so poorly in dreams, and I questioned if I should have put my high school or is that given because I’ve been to college?

I woke up. Frustrated I was leaving a dream at an interesting moment, I was able to go back.

When I “spawned,” I was just outside the classroom door and had to open it. I remember forcing myself to focus on details to keep the dream going and to become more detailed. The room’s wall was glass with a linear design that went through the center. The door had a simple lock and a narrow metal bar as the handle that made a triangle with the door. There was a government seal of some sort on the main part of the door.

I opened the door and went in. The activity was over, but the leading agent guy gave me a shout out for providing the best-trained pilots. I thanked him and thought, “He’s just being nice. The other trainers probably do just as well.”

We broke to go out for physical training on steps just outside the building. (I pictured the blueprint for these.) Outside, it was a city street (probably Washington, D.C., that I just visited in waking life) and the steps were in three sets. We jogged up and down them and the agent guy singled me out to talk as we jogged. He said he meant what he said inside – that the methods I use work well. I explained that I had the pilots perform things over and over, including purposely having their planes stall and have them get out of the stall, so, eventually, the feeling of the plane stalling won’t make them panic and instead, instinctually act to fix the problem without having to think.


I remember so many dreams with snow. One was sleep paralysis where I was almost buried with an avalanche of snow from the sky. I wondered how that was possible and there were “credits” scrolling as I tried to avoid being buried.

In another dream, I remember thinking the snow was “old” and dug at it until I found pavement.

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