Random parts I can still remember:

There was a part where I was part of some graduating class of Marines (I think). We had neat white Marine uniforms and everyone had a hat, but me. I went to go get one and the hats were weird and had to be folded over and before I folded mine, everyone was yelled at for even having hats. They took them off and put them on a table near where we were sitting. I put mine down unfolded so others could tell I wasn’t part of the group originally with hats.

There was a part where I was working in a technology position in what looked like a large high school gym or event space with only windows near the ceiling. There were large TV screens on the wall and our workspaces were open cubicles in circles – 5 to a circle, I think. The computer screens were flatscreens and the computers were PCs. We had a cartoon of some sort (maybe a collective game?) on the TV screen to run in the background as we worked. I thought it was funny how as adults, we worked well with cartoons playing at work.

There was a part where I had a boss and he dressed as Hitler for some reason. I returned some kind of form, turned back to my coworkers and said, “What am I to do when my boss is literally Hitler?”

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