Would You Like Some Water?

What I still remember:

I was sleeping on a bed in the dining room of the house I lived in prior to 1993. My mom was there. She went to the window and looked worried. I went over and saw a girl and guy trying to break in the back door. Our window was open, so I said, “Can I help you?”

They looked over and I can’t remember if they said anything. I said, “We don’t have much after the last guy cleared us out.” I tried to lie that we were robbed before, so robbing us is a waste of time. I hoped they didn’t see that my mom was a hoarder and we actually DID have stuff.

Later, my mom said she heard something and I looked out of the window and the intruders knocked on a window from the inside. I went to the kitchen and asked if they wanted anything and offered them water.

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