I’ve been slacking. What details I remember and haven’t written, yet:

A while back, there was a neat scene of a TV show, maybe it was a dream game(?) where someone main character girl was in an office with federal agents. She wasn’t supposed to be there and they were looking for her outside of the building. Someone hacked in and was able to communicate with her, telling her exactly when to move to avoid detection. The weird part was that time slowed down as she went from point to point – I don’t know if this was for the audience to see how close she was or if she was super fast. Eventually, she ended up going running in front of someone and they said, “There she is!”

Later, she and another person helping her out were in a glass room looking at a monitor trying to decipher some message. It involved an Agent Glass. While they worked on that, some technician in a lab coat was trying to get into the room, but they had to override the lock on the door.

In another dream, I remember sneaking through corridors trying to avoid eye contact with the people walking around because I wasn’t supposed to be there.

In last night’s dreams, I remember a cat holding onto a wall of a cubical. Its weight brought it down and its claws made marks into the wall. There was also some Asian guy who looked part Filipino.

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