What I still remember from last night’s dreams:

  • Some story dream that I repeated a few times (sort of like time travel)
  • Part of it was in what reminded me of the RTV building, but it was under construction (drywall was just put up with plaster, but the walls hadn’t been painted, yet. I think there was plastic covering the floor as well as if they were going to paint soon.)
  • Some female “guide” led me to a room
  • I lied and said I was a new hire
  • She had me remove the large gray with black armbands coat I had on and change into some uniform and a yellow hard hat
  • She led me to some front row desk – I was the last to join
  • I can’t remember the plot except I was trying to stop someone from blowing that area up (something that happened in the first run of the dream)
  • The crazy thing is, I think it was me who accidentally blew the place up in the end

Another dream:

I remember following an English teacher and some other guy across a park or garden area. We were up high on top of the arches and other architectural features. They just jumped down. I was too afraid of landing too hard, so I planned to climb down a metal feature. However, the metal pillar I got onto bent down to the ground due to my weight.

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