Take Cover

I remember being in some hotel/motel with rooms on the outside and one in the center. The way the rooms worked was that there was a slot with hotel info and the keycards. You claim your room by removing the brochure and use the key card to go inside. The brochure was white with blue ink.

The group I was with pissed off some gang, so they came and started firing automatic weapons. Many of us were in the center room and dropped to the floor. I told everyone to find things (like the mattress) to put against the walls. My thought was that the bullets would go through the walls and the thicker the material they had to go through, the slower they’d get and be less deadly if they go through all the layers.

I remember sneaking out when they were reloading and found a stairwell. I was able to make it to the roof before waking up.

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