Yesterday, I played and accomplished a lot in Watchdogs, played a little of Game of Thrones (I’m looking at the decision trees), and watched some Last of Us playthrough videos.


I remember my friend Jenn having a trip and a room booked on a cruise (small boat, like a commuter version), but she couldn’t go. She offered the ticket to me as long as I delivered her stuff.

In a later dream, it happened again, but she didn’t have a room. I was frustrated because I had no place to store her stuff safely for the three-hour trip. I found a common sink and wrapped up her things – including these beautiful dark blue glass glasses – hoping they didn’t look like things to steal and put them underneath. I charged my phone and found an old flip phone, but didn’t have the right charger for it. A stranger had one and offered it.

Buttons Don’t Work in Dreams

I remember visiting my parents and parking right outside of their open garage, but had my lights off. I honked. I remember turning my lights on and saw I almost hit some tall red display cart.

I put my car in reverse to back up, but couldn’t park my car (a button). I woke up getting frustrated that it’s like when I can’t dial 9-1-1 in dreams. Buttons don’t seem to work.

Video Game

I remember a dream game that had characters (not animated) in a team that reminded me a little of Team Fortress 2. I heard Overwatch is similar, but I haven’t played that, yet. For some reason, the females, like myself, chose normal-sized and normal-looking humans. One girl was way more promiscuous than the rest of us and I actually complimented her on her confidence, despite her constant want for all the women to show more skin.

I remember we were all trying to go over plans and introduce each other in a small dorm room. I found a gold-plated badge with a player’s ID number and knew the two letters were the initials of the player. I asked if anyone’s real name had the initials, “G as in Gregory and H as in……Hotel?”

There was a part where each person got some kind of ring that gave them powers. A tall lanky character said, “The rings have puzzlers, I tell you!” and another character commented how it made them feel “royal.” The big, muscular character explained, “In all my years of casting rings, I have never seen rings form to each finger automatically. They appear to be magic.”

I remember the winners on my runs were always the survivors – not the best players or leaders, but we won by default. The teams I was on (and often led) tended to be raunchy, chaotic, and immature. My leading style in the game was so laisez-faire that I remember pairing up with a guy who would make inappropriate jokes, but never really reprimanded him – I would just tell people to ignore him.

I saw a glimpse of Charlie’s* “world” (as I called it). He had a better team and was a better leader. The pair was of two professional women and the whole team would survive and the “winners” were based on points and leadership.

There was a scene where I was in a uniform/light-weight armor of some sort and running through a grassy environment near Charlie and we had our IDs in text above our heads. I tried to remember his, knowing it was a dream game, hoping I’d remember when I was awake.

It was 108CS4042…. something (it might have been 109 and the number and initials have been changed to protect the identity this Charlie is based on). The numbers following the initials I don’t think were relevant data, but I remembered them because they were near Charlie’s football jersey number, 41. I’m not sure what the first three numbers stood for, if anything.

Not Your Normal Snow


Hiding in Plain Sight

I remember talking to someone dressed like the main character on Watchdogs and I remember considering the guy a trustworthy acquaintance, despite having people – as well as the federal government – after him.

We were on a city street at twilight just outside a building with a digital billboard and a camera to the right. I thought he was gutsy for standing outside a camera like that, but it wasn’t his face that was being tracked. He hacked things with his phone – with apps that would be cumbersome to load on burner phones – so the SID was tracked instead. He had an app that would warn him when his SID triggered an alarm, so he would have to go into airplane mode and leave the area.

I thought about asking him about that app the next time.

When I woke up, I thought that would be an interesting way to track people who can’t do their activities on burner phones. Facial recognition can be fooled, SIDs probably can as well, but limiting the ability to use a communication device would be a smart way for law enforcement to deter some crimes.

Please Don’t Say Anything

I remember “investigating” Charlie* – trying to get usernames or something – and found a profile with his info on a Russian website. I only knew it was Russian from the .ru at the end of the address.

I was looking into this at “work” (in my dream, it was at what I called my “old” job). Charlie worked there as well in another department. Someone in his department was testing some expandable turret, but it didn’t have enough room in the hall. The room I was in had an angled, but higher ceiling, so I invited them in to test it there.

During the test, the one guy wanted me to look up something on my computer and went over to look at the results before I even got that far. I started getting nervous because I had all this info about Charlie on the screen. I tried to switch screens, go back, SOMETHING…but…buttons don’t work in dreams.

* Name has been changed

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