Since I use my dreams for story inspiration, they tend to have ongoing narratives. Check out the most occurring ones below:

Dream Technology

Dream Technology or “Dream Tech” is the idea of having a computer interface or operating system that uses people’s brains. This interface would seem like dreaming – the body remains still, but the users experience lifelike experiences. Over the course of the narrative, it goes from programming, to military training, to secret communication, to tracking people down, to the dangers of such technology. Terms I use describing the dream are ones I plan to use in stories based on this concept:

  • Runners – those running the program, beta testing games, etc.
  • Runs – since the users can repeat programs and games, they do several “runs” of the program
  • Decay – the loss of access to a memory that took place in the dream space
  • Rate of Decay – the speed of this loss of access
  • Programmed Backstory – when the backstory and memories change the user/runner almost completely where the user isn’t roleplaying, but actually believes they are the programmed character
  • False Awakening Loop or “FAL” – (pronounced “fall”); waking up within dreams as if waking up in waking life

Dream Game Development

This is a branch of the narrative above. Even before getting into game development and design, I would have dreams about programming, developing, and beta testing games in the dream space. Some make no sense, but some were interesting.

End of the World

These are apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic┬ádreams. They usually aren’t that bad.


These dreams probably come from the fact that I’m no longer working in journalism and I enjoy investigating things.