C.R.I.M.E. Sim

Creative Rendition Interactive Media Education (C.R.I.M.E.) Simulation was a collaborative student project for Ohio University's 360 Storytelling course that ran spring semester 2018. I also created a behind-the-scenes video using footage I recorded during the process. Additional BTS footage was recorded by Ben Hill and Nate Sexauer.

We wanted to make a 360 video experience that had the viewer begin in the location they were physically in when they put the headset on. The viewer experiences a "simulation inside a simulation" that crashes, leaving the viewer unable to communicate or interact with the C.R.I.M.E. lab technician. Although none of the participants of other failed tests recovered, the director tells the technician to shut it down and continue testing on others.

Below is the cut shown at the 2018 XR Showcase:

Below is the behind-the-scenes video:

// Technology & Mediums Used

Yi 360 VR Camera

Samsung Gear
360 Camera


Adobe After Effects

// Exhibited

2018 Ohio University Student Research and Creative Expo

2018 GRID Lab XR Showcase

// Special Thanks

C.R.I.M.E. Sim Credits:
  • Director: Cody Pomeroy
  • Producer: Grant Piguet
  • Writers: Hope Moore, Cody Pomeroy, and Zach Yeauger
  • Camera: Nate Sexauer and Ben Hill
  • Editors: Josh Reisinger and Jake Willins
  • Audio Lead Supervisor: Alex Bailey
  • Audio Mixing Supervisor/Assistant: Shiji Zhou
  • Audio Recording Supervisors/Assistants: Mitch Grandy and Ben Hill
  • Crew: Matt Kelsch
  • Actors: Grant Piguet, Chip Linscott, Sam Redfern, Payton Wilks, and Zach Yeauger
  • Graphic Designer: Grant Piguet, Zach Yeauger