TouchDesigner Tests

// Glow Painting

Glow Painting is an experience that allows you to "paint" with glowsticks and other light sources. The great thing about glowsticks are their flexibility and light weight. Other light sources create crazier effects, including making imprints of objects and people in the play space. Soon, I'll be testing versions that use black light so used glowsticks can be used again and people can "paint" with other objects that glow.

Below are images from testng.

// Interactive Pin Board

I'm currently working on tests for what will be a an interactive pin board. At this time, it uses a webcam video feed and moves the pins based on contrast. Eventually, I will make a Kinect-based one.

// Audio-Reactive Projects

I enjoy making projects that visualize music and other audio played through them. The images change based on pitch, intensity, and duration of the audio being fed through the program.

// Controller Projects

These videos were made using a Playstation 4 controller, adjusting size and shape based on input.

// Physical Crossover Projects

These tests are for future projects that will use physical objects with a digital output.

// Mixed Projects

Below are tests using a combination of TouchDesigner and Arduino.

// Other Experiments

Below are some smaller TouchDesigner tests that will be incorporated into future projects.