- Instructional Design Examples -

My instructional design and educational technology work is available in multiple places. Here is a list of links to some of my visual online work in the field.

Coding for Creatives

Coding for Creatives is a course I created and taught at Ohio University in both virtual and hybrid versions during the 2020-2021 academic year. I am currently creating an online course version for anyone who would like to learn object-oriented programming and flow-based programming through interactive and visual exercises.

I used GitBook as a place for students to use as a reference during and after the class. Students could use the search feature, glossary, practice class exercises, copy and modify code, etc.

Unity Basics

I made this Unity Basics Gitbook as a reference for MDIA students at Ohio University in summer 2020.

Classroom Presentations

Below is one of the presentations I created as a teaching assistant for Visual Storytelling in autumn 2019. The presentations are still used today by current students and TAs.

Recent Video Example

This was an instructional video I made for a class in 2018 that explains to a class of instructional technology students how to build an Alexa Chatbot as an interactive feature for their classes.

2018 ID Portfolio

Although many of the animated instructional videos are no longer accessible, I made this instructional design portfolio site as part of my application to the Communication Media Arts MFA program.